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Good News, H96 Brand All New Android TV Box Produced Out July 10, 2020, Support Online Firmware Upgrades, (OTA android tv box). If you have any problem of software, please Click OTA directly. If your android tv box version is before 10/7/2020, then still use manual download firmware, this is the android tv box firmware link: Thank you very much.

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  • lesympa

    Hi, Doesn't understand. The image posted called AML905X3_user_H96MaxX3_9_20201009.1224.img contains as date 9 October 2019 in its name as the previous version already installed on my tx box called u215.H96Max_X3_1000M_9.0.2020. Morever if I have understood the new version labellled "1224" the previous one "1559". Names are differents...So I wonder if this "new" version is really a new version (2021) and if it it fits my tv box bought in march 2020... Doesn't want to break something eve I already updated twice the firmware in July and October 2020. Question: is it possible to keep the existing settings ? I mean each time I have updated the firmware I lost all my settings. Regards

  • Aeron

    How can i update my h96max rk3318 without pc? I have stock android 10 running out of the box when i bought it with blue pcb. Please help.

  • antony george

    question 1. should i download 8DDR3 or LPDDR3 link? that is aml_s905x2_H96_Max_X2_Settings_mac_wifi_20200811 or u214.H96Max_X2_4G_100M_9.0.2019. question 2. when i try to extract the iso file i get the message "couldn't mount file. the disc image file is corrupted." please help. antony

  • Carlos

    Posso realizar o upgrade da TV box H96 do android 9.0 para o android 10.0?

  • Carlos

    Posso realizar o upgrade da TV box H96 do android 9.0 para o android 10.0?


    I bought a H96 ALLWINNER H616 32G + 4G whith Android 10, but I cant to install apps by PLAYSTORE. Netflix pre instaled does not work too..

  • marco

    doy gracias por la Actualización Del Firmware De Android 10 TV Box pude recuperar por que no prendia y hoy prende muy bien recomendable y sigan los pasos del video

  • Arif

    What Usb Cable Was Used To Connect The Box ?

  • eduardo olave

    hola mi h96 max+ cpu:RK3328 no da imagen al prenderlo y tengo dos de los mismos ayuda porfavor

  • kenneth

    hola tengo una tv box h96 max. Pero al momento de conectarla se queda en el led rojo y no hace mas nada no funcioa. En que me podrian ayudar para recuperar mi tv box agradezco su ayuda. gracias

  • kenneth

    hola tengo una tv box h96 max. Pero al momento de conectarla se queda en el led rojo y no hace mas nada no funcioa. En que me podrian ayudar para recuperar mi tv box agradezco su ayuda. gracias

  • Worldofkodi

    New update to Android 10 for Tv Box H96 Max Ultra HD RK3318 2020 August #h96maxupdate #h96maxupgrade

  • Gyozo Nemes

    Tried to follow the steps shown in the video, but the upgrade process was not successful. Then I tried first a restore then the upgrade and it was ok. 1. Install the Driver Assistant 2. Install the Factory tool 3. Start Factory tool -> Change language to English (this change is not stored, must be repeated upon tool restart) 4. Load the proper img file with Firmware button. 5. Change the software to Restore. 6. Press the Run button. 7. Press the RESET switch with a fairly long toothpick and try to keep pressed. 8. Connect the device with a USB_A_Male USB_A_Male cable to your computer. 9. The Restore process should be successful. 10. Press the Stop button. 11. Disconnect the H96 from the USB. 12. Change the software mode to Upgrade. 13. Repeat the whole process from step 6 to step 11. 14. Connect the H96 to your TV and enjoy the new Android.

  • Dennis

    Hi, after flashing the firmware of H96 mini H8 to the newest version I have a problem with connecting a BLE device. Before the update there was no problem and the connection worked like a charm. BTW in the video is another, newer version mentionend than the downloadable version 20200508. Tnx

  • Vasu

    I have a android tv box which i am trying to update firmware. I get install driver ok. When i start factorytool and insert usb cable with reset button held with toothpick in AV port, i get loader ID 7 on factort tool but nothing happens after that. My expectation is it will progress 100% message. But it is not starting with any message. My box is not responding with old fw also since it is reset . Can you help?

  • Profeta

    Got the same problem as Andy, the box gets stuck at boot. It was suggested to do the firmware update/restore and no luck.....the factory tool doesn't detect the usb port and doesn't start the firmware restoration. Is it a hardware problem or is there any solution?

  • Mark

    What usb cable was used to connect the box

  • Celso

    Please inform how to identify the correct firmware to be used in the equipment.

  • Leo

    Unable to start the restore process. I mean my device is unable to find a port .. that's why the process is not starting as I insert the usb cable into the black port of device. KINDLY HELP ME

  • Andy

    H96 Pro MAX 4GB+64GB Android 9.0 seems bricked stuck at boot, no screen, tried reset button method, still stuck at boot, any ideas?

  • Mohan

    Did firmware update on H96 Max Black PCBA. Everything working well. Now it is updated to Android 10. I am facing some issue with YouTube. Sometimes it is buffering. It connected to Wifi. My other devices including the Smart TV working well. I doubt the Youtube App or the Wifi might have software bug.

  • Piri4

    No funciona prime video y play store

  • Manuel Goucha

    the video is not available

  • worldofkodi

    H96 MAX 4K Ultra HD Official Firmware Update Android 10 June 2020 NEW rk3318

  • leonidas Lagogiannis

    It does not boot

  • Toni

    Hace unas semanas me funcionaba prime video y disney y esta semana no me funciona... Y necesito ver este video para darme solucion a mi problema..

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