Android tv box wifi connection VS network cable connection

Android tv box wifi connection VS network cable connection

Android tv box wifi connection VS Network cable connection

Recently, there are always many users asking why my android tv box link to wifi is stuck, but not when using Ethernet link. Is it a problem with the wifi module? In response to this problem, we explained to you from the physical application of the product that, in fact, the 4G network of my iPhone is also very stuck.

good wifi connection android 10 tv box h96 max rk3318

1. The difference between the two connections

For connecting to the network cable, the android tv box needs to have a network cable interface. The android tv box can be used after the network cable is connected; for wireless WiFi, as long as the network is set up, the android tv box can be directly connected to the WiFi and then used, as opposed to the network cable Linking to smart tv box greatly improves the convenience of smart tv box. (Note: All android tv boxes on the market now have a network cable interface)

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The network speed is determined by the size of the home broadband line and the router itself, and has nothing to do with wired or wireless. Under the same router, theoretically the network speed of the two is the same, but for WiFi, the network speed will drop due to external interference factors.

2. The difference in signal interference

Most users use the wireless band of 2.4GHz frequency band when using android tv box to connect to the network via WiFi. The number of signal transmitting and receiving devices in the same frequency band around the user directly affects the experience of using WiFi android tv box.

For example, mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, microwave ovens, etc. placed around the router may cause interference to wireless signals, and there may also be mutual interference between different wireless routers.

For network cables, there is basically no problem of electromagnetic wave interference. Most of the network cables on the market are twisted-pair structures. This structure uses a pair of mutually insulated metal wires to twist to resist electromagnetic wave interference.

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The router will interfere with the signal due to electromagnetic waves, causing the network speed to drop; the network cable will not be interfered by it.

3. The difference of signal attenuation

For WiFi, it will be hindered by walls or obstacles, or when the android tv box is in a blind area of ​​the signal, it will also affect the WiFi experience. We can often find that the WiFi signal will be weaker in places far away from the router.

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I suggest you put the router in an open and high place to reduce obstacles and blind spots; if the house is large, you can put the router in the middle of the house. For network cables, there is basically no signal attenuation.

4. How to choose a network cable

When choosing a network cable, it is best to choose a network cable with a length of less than 50 meters. If the network cable is too long, it may take longer for the computer to check and correct the data after data errors, which will bring us a change in network speed. Feeling slow.

When buying a network cable, it is best to go to a regular store, and you can fold the network cable by hand to check the softness.

If it is relatively soft, it means that the copper core inside is thinner and the quality is not very good. For better network cables, the built-in copper core is thicker and the material used is copper. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the network cable, when we install it, the network cable wiring should be simpler, try not to have entanglement.

Wireless dual wifi connection smart tv box

Summarize how to choose wifi and network cable link android tv box?

When performing entertainment projects that require low real-time performance, such as surfing the web, chatting on WeChat, etc., using WiFi can meet our daily needs; when performing entertainment projects that require high real-time performance and frequent interactions, such as playing large For games, etc., it is better to use a wired network. In countries with developed networks, the network speed is fast, and the use of wifi generally does not have a big impact. In some countries with underdeveloped networks, the network speed is originally very slow. Using android tv box to link to wifi will affect the user experience. Use a network cable Link to android tv box, it will be relatively stable. If you have other questions about wifi android tvbox, you can contact us, we will try our best to solve the problem for you. Thank you!

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    Hi, I have H96 Mini H8 4k Utra HD tv box. From beginning its giving issue to connect WiFi. I have multiple high speed broadband wifi internet connections but box is disconnecting immediately. Also its not accepting password protected wifi, always showing wrong password error. I am in UAE so please please provide solution or replacement asap. I ordered it through and vendor is planet360. My mobile +971 552453656 Regards, Sharif

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