Firmware upgrade video H96 mini H8 android tv box

  1. Download the Firmware/ ROM for the Smart TV-Box H96 Mini H8 with Android 9.0

    Here is the firmware guide video for Rockchip rk3228a android 9.0 system smart tv box H96 mini h8. Follow the procedure to download the firmware and install the USB driver, and then install the firmware. Generally, there will be no mistakes. If your country cannot support access to Google, then you cannot open youtube normally.

    There is good news here. All models of H96 will start on July 10, 2020. As long as the factory date is July 10, 2020 and it is not a customized product, it supports OTA (online upgrade) firmware update. Welcome to buy H96 mini h8 TV Box.

    Android Tv Box Firmware Update Guide Video

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  • Lazvm666

    У кого проблемы с wi-fi после обновления прошивки, то шейтесь вот этой

  • Tomasz

    After upgrade, I cannot switch on WiFi. When I switch on it automatically switches off

  • Ivan

    После обновления последней прошивкой с вашего сайта пропал wi-fi, что делать, помогите!!!

  • falah

    Hi I want upgrade my device h96 mini h8 from android 9 to 10 .. So i want firmware 10 ...pls help

  • Dennis

    Hi, there is a problem with the bluetooth connection using BLE after updating to the image name "TIANXING_tx1688_hcy_delete_bt_jingzhen_20200508_v002" provided by you. In the previous version the BLE connection was working properly. In the tutorial video another, newer filename is used, can you provide this newer version, please?

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