H96 OTA android tv box in 2020

H96 OTA android tv box in 2020

WWhat is OTA android tv box Many families now have TVs, want to watch android tv? You can buy an android tv box, which can be understood as the set top box of the android system, android STB, or smart tv box. A screen device that relies on a TV or other HDMIN interface. It enables users to watch TV programs on existing TV sets via android tv box link wifi or Ethernet, and can conduct interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities through the network. About the OTA upgrade of android tv box firmware: Over-the-Air Technology, which means space download technology. The set-top box OTA upgrade means that the operator converts the upgraded software into a software stream and transmits it in the form of a TS stream. The user searches through the OTA frequency point to filter the software stream update.

rk3318 android 10 tv box OTA in 2020
At present, the mainstream android tv box firmware upgrades on the market are users manually downloading the firmware, linking to the computer, and updating the android tv box firmware. So many elderly people or users who do not understand IT do not know how to upgrade. In order to solve the problems of users, we increased the investment in research and development, and finally we started to invest in OTA functions in 2020, so in 2020 you will find that H96 updated products are very few, because we spend most of our time in better Products, this waiting process, our customers can't wait to release our new products and update the OTA functions of previous models.

Replace the old set-top box
Is the OTA function of H96 Android tv box currently available? First of all, the H96 android tv box OTA function will only start after July 10, 2020. It’s not that the H96 smart tv box you buy after July 10, 2020 must support OTA. In the past, our product motherboards had many types For example, there are green motherboards, blue motherboards, and some customers have customized motherboards in other colors. Therefore, it is necessary to consume the existing inventory in the market, and some of them have already begun to enjoy this service.

Does the OTA function of H96 android tv box support old TVs? It supports old TV sets, but the H96 android tv box currently circulating on the market may not all support OTA functions. If you want to sell the latest H96 android tv box wholesale, please consult our business manager.
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H96 android tv box supports OTA, will the price increase? H96 android tv box will not increase in price due to the OTA function. This is just for the convenience of users, value-added services, free, and there is no hidden charging function. If you have other questions, please contact us. Thank you…

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