Android TV BOX meets at the Hong Kong Electronics Show in April 2019

Android TV BOX meets at the Hong Kong Electronics Show in April 2019

[Exhibition Name]: Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition

[Exhibition time]: April 13th to April 16th, 2019

[Location of the exhibition]: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

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Exhibition introduction:

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair 2019, hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, will be held from April 13 to 16 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show brings together global innovative electronic technologies and products in 24 countries and regions. A total of 2,940 exhibitor exhibitions are well received by the industry, attracting more than 65,800 buyers from all over the world to visit the "Brand Gallery" Over 605 top brands, innovative technology and creative design at a glance.

The Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair is an important electronic exhibition in Asia. The exhibition 201 entered the 16th and the scale was even more grand. In addition, the mainland China, South Korea and Taiwan organized the exhibition group to participate in the exhibition. The four-day exhibition attracted a total of 65,870 buyers, including 39,549 overseas buyers. The top ten buyers are from mainland China, Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, India, Russia, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. The conference also organized more than 110 buyer groups, and arranged more than 9,200 international buyers from more than 6,400 companies to visit the exhibition. The main importers of the global market are distributors and retailers, such as Amazon's Best Buy and Walmart, Canada's Canadian Tire and France's Carrefour.
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Gather international famous brands:
2019 Spring Electric Exhibition and Information Technology Expo gathers many internationally renowned technology companies such as Microsoft, Softlayer, an IBM Company, Google, Yahoo, Motorola, etc., and US semiconductor leader Intel (Intel) is once again participating in the Spring Festival .
Another US technology giant, Microsoft, participated in the Spring Electric Show for the first time and exhibited new products such as Microsoft Windows 10 (Windows 10) in the form of exhibition halls to share new features of the products with the industry.
Rio Branco is Brazil's second-largest distributor of computer accessories, electronics and networking products. The company believes that the show brings together a wide range of products and suppliers, bringing more inspiration and inspiration to the company's development of new products.
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Show highlights:"Small Volume Procurement" Zone, The "Tradelink Small Volume Procurement" zone, which is popular among buyers, brings together more than 300 counters and close to 3,000 small-volume products. The minimum purchase volume ranges from 5 to 1,000, which caters to the market's "single-size" procurement model. The region attracts more than 30,000 buyers and has created more than 23,000 trade links.
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Exhibit category:In line with the development trend of the industry, the conference has set up a number of product zones to facilitate buyers to find the products they need. The area includes audio-visual products, home appliances, smart homes, video games, automotive electronics and navigation systems, i-World, digital imaging products, personal electronics, communications electronics, unmanned technology, wearable electronics, solar photovoltaic products, E-health products, testing and certification, business services, etc.
Brand Gallery (data entertainment, electronic boutique, home technology, power equipment and accessories, wireless and communications)
International Information Technology Expo ICT: Smart Products and Accessories, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Digital Infrastructure, Retail Technology, Business Services, Enterprise Solutions, Local Creative Technology, Startups.
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Value-added activities:
To tie in with the various exhibition areas of the Science and Technology Museum, the conference held a series of "2017 Technology Preview Seminars" in the first three days of the exhibition (April 13 to 15). Please come to Hong Kong, Mainland China, France, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States. Electronic industry leaders and college professors, including Fitbit, Foxconn, Intel, Unity Technologies, discuss wearable devices, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), smart home And the latest technological developments and market application trends such as robotics technology.
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Exhibit category:
1. Spring Electronics Show: A audiovisual products; C electronic components and technology; D digital imaging products; E electronic accessories; G personal electronic products; H household appliances; I electronic game products; L electronic health products; O office automation and equipment; R business services; S security products; T telecommunications products; U electronics manufacturing; X automotive electronics and navigation systems; Y detection and certification services; Z electronic product protection / storage equipment

2. Information Exhibition (ICT): A network and mobile communication products and technologies - communication products / mobile communication products / Internet products / network products and services; B enterprise solutions - management application software / information security / e-commerce / image processing System / IT consultants and services; C digital life and multimedia - computer peripherals (computer notebook workstations, printers, scanners, mice, CPU, motherboards, LCD monitors, digital cameras, network video and optical drives), multimedia products and Applications (MP3 PM4, data storage products); D e-logistics and retail technology products; E-local creative technology - speech recognition / bio-anti-counterfeiting identification / artificial intelligence / translation / games and other systems; F software outsourcing services G business services.
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