Release Smart tv box android 11 Beta in 2021

Release Smart tv box android 11 Beta in 2021

Smart tv box android 11 Beta is on the way

In the past few years, Google has been releasing new Android versions step by step. Our android tv box started with android 6 OS, then android 7.0 OS, and later android 8.1 OS (currently few customers need android 8.1 tv box), The android 9.0 pie tv box released in 2019 is upgraded almost once a year. Until June 2020, Google directly launched the first version beta 1 of Android 11. The Google Android system has now developed to the tenth generation, which can be said to have been earth-shaking. The change. In the past, everyone always felt that the Android system was stuck, but in the future, the android OS will become more and more smooth. Maybe it will be different in android 11 Beta 1. At present, Android 11 Beta only replaces mobile phones and has not been used for Android TV. It may have to wait until 2021 for the Android 11 TV box. So will H96 release a new android 11 TV box?

H96 will release android 11 Beta smart tv box

   Let’s first understand the advantages of Android 11 Beta. The difference between Android PHONE and Android TV in previous years is not very big. Androidtv will leave some advantages of android phone. I think android tv will retain the following two advantages.

1: Android 11 has also made improvements to the exclusive permissions. You can authorize the application once. When it is valid, when you exit the app, the next time you use the app, it will still ask if you have permission. To a certain extent, user privacy is protected.

2: Optimize the screen and optimize for different screen styles to bring better visual effects and operation methods.

android 11 beta tv box hot sales in 2021

Maybe there are many users who wondered, why are there still android 9.0 pie who have not upgraded to android 10, and now advocate android 11? In fact, every year the chip solution company will release a product that is most suitable for the current android os, such as Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner, and android tv box manufacturers will purchase these semi-finished products and process them into finished products. Each solution takes a long time to update the system, which also results in many models not being able to follow up in time. Generally, the latest chip solution will carry the latest system. Maybe our next new smart tv box will be equipped with android 11 Beta. Maybe not the next one, but our products will definitely be updated to android 11 Beta.

H96 max x3 amlogic s905x3 android 11 beta tv box

So once you have decided you want an android TV box. Now, all you have to do is pick from a plethora of available devices. When you start searching you would find out that there are a hundred different Android TV boxes available. All with different specifications and features. How to know which is right for you? H96 brand is also a tv box manufacturer. We are looking for distributors around the world to represent our products, and we will provide advantageous market support policies.

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