Allwinner H616 tv box firmware Download and update

Allwinner H616 tv box firmware Download and update

1.Download the firmware from Link. 

CPU: Allwinner H616 Firmware

Brand Model: H96 Mini H616

——Allwinner H616 Android 10 Download

2. Install PhoenixSuit_CN.msi, open PhoenixSuit program

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3.Choose one key brun then choose file of H96mini-H6_9.0.4..2.1-07291203.img

4.Using a toothpick (or Small wooden stick), insert into the A/V port of Box, press and hold the hidden button while connect TVBox to your PC by USB extension line ,until the state show start burn firmware.

How to Upgrade H96 mini H6 TV Box

5. Choose yes ,update will run automatically. .

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  • Sami

    Hi  How can i root my Android tv box X96 Mate plus  Android 10 (android tv) Cpu Allwinner h616 4G Ram  64g Rom  Firmware installed xmate_plus_20201118-1659 Thanks


    Horrible! It does not work properly! PLuto TV and HBO max don't even open, netflix and you tube with horrible screen design!!! Support don't even respond!! I do not recommend the purchase!!! de: Eucienes Zanella para: [email protected] data: 2 de out. de 2021 12:41 assunto: HBO Max in H616 enviado por: Hi!! my box h616 does not work the HBOXmas at all!! I've updated I reset, but nothing! The screen is locked or in slow motion! What to do??? version number: qp1a.191105.004 teste keys serie number: bc00141a15207e24ce I await an opinion

  • Mehdi

    Firmware for h616 is corrupted

  • MSA

    Hello there. I have a problem with my H96Max Android box. I downloaded the firmware that you put here but after connecting the box to pc it show " firmware update begining.... " but after 10 second it says " firmware burn is failed!!Please check the validation of firmware or the device is working properly. " i check all things that maybe make it fails but there isnt anything wrong just the firmware file! would please check it

  • Jay

    I bought a H96 max H616 64gb. I have been asking some questions many times via whatsapp, email, facebook since 2 months but noone answers! I think I will never buy a h96max tv box again!

  • AH

    Is this for H96 Max H616 4/32? How do I update it? I tried with "Local Update", but it does not work. Tried this toothpick/USB and it also doesn't work...

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