Is the price of android tv box important?

Is the price of android tv box important?

How to pick up a tv box? You can not just focus on prices, but also need to check the specifications and services! What are the good tv box brands? Tv box ranking? Tv box recommendations? You can just input the key word ‘tv box’ in a search engine, a list of results will appear on how to pick up a good tv box. However, there are so much information online, it is had to tell what is true or fake, which makes people more miserable. Therefore, a necessary research is needed before the purchase. In addition, you should read the comments posted by other buyer and consult the friends in the field as well. Today we will sort out the details on how to get yourself a suitable tv box. 1. android tv box Price This is about purchasing psychology, the retail price of a tv box is generally between USD 30-USD 100. So price is not the first priority you should take into consideration. Some sellers would post fake RAM and ROM to lower the price, which can easily attract the buyers. As a result, buyers have to burden the loss on their own. good android tv box for price 2. android tv box Advertisement It is best for a tv box without advertisement, or which can be removed with purchasing the membership. For example, mi boxes have lots of complaints about too much advertisement and junk software as well. To a large extent, people get higher expectation for a more famous tv box. But it frustrates people when there is advertisement upon turning on the tv, during you watch the videos, and even when you are trying to turn off the tv. If you takes that into consideration when you do the purchasing, you just can not help to complain that during use. H96 mini V8 Advantages of android tv box 3. android tv box Specifications The processor of a tv box determines its basic performance, ram ensures its running speed, ram decides how many apps can be installed in the device. Most processors on the market can well support the functioning of the tv boxes. So the ram is the core factor whether the tv box can run smoothly or not. Recently there is an excellent on the market called Dangbei Super Box, whose ram+ram is 3GB+32GB, which can makes sure smooth functioning.

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4. Android tv box Apps When coming to apps, you are supposed to check the pre-install apps and third-party software of the tv box to see if it can fulfill your needs. Most tv boxes carry Google Play Store to download third-party software, in order to accomplish different needs, such as Internet programs,VOD, Live tv etc.

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5. android tv box Brand The tv boxes from formal brands will be more excellent on after-sale services, as well as system upgrade. It is suggested that you buy tv boxes from formal brands. At the moment, all our H96 Android tv boxes are self researched and developed, supporting OTA. The newly purchased tv boxes or purchased after 2021 will work perfectly . Please feel free to contact us if you have any quetions about our tv boxes. 

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