Detailed operation steps of H96-P firmware brusher

Detailed operation steps of H96-P firmware brusher

User comments: I am not an expert on pocket projectors but I would say that the H96-P DLP pocket projector is great at its price! A pocket projector from Sony would likely cost 1.5 to 2 times more, albeit for a better projection quality. But hey, this is good enough for projecting business presentations on the move, project Netflix or YouTube videos onto walls and ceilings during family gatherings.

The ability to miracast allows anybody on the network to project their device’s screens which is great for demonstrating mobile app or to show the videos and photos taken during their recent holiday trips.

For the next gathering, I would probably get the kids can to sit around and enjoy their cartoons on the big screen (or wall) in the living room.

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Prepare a dual-headed USB data line before switching the machine.

1. Install download brush software and firmware on Baidu Disk to the computer.

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2. After decompressing the compressed package of the brush tool, install the brush software USB_Burning_Tool to the computer desktop.

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It should be noted here that when the "Device Driver Installation Wizard is being completed", the following driver name prompts for Jingchen Set-top Box Driver (WORLDCUP device). If the installation is successful, the next step can be displayed. If not shown, please reinstall the brush software, remember here!!

3. Open the installed brush software, the upper left corner can modify the language, see the arrow mark position below.

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4. Click the File menu to import the downloaded firmware

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5. After the firmware is imported, please choose to erase all and bootloader forcibly. Finally, please click the start button in the upper right corner of the brush software and wait for the box connection.

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6. Connect one end of the dual-head USB data line to the computer first, and insert H96-P into the USB port near the left side of DC-IN. It is important to remember to insert the right side of the USB port. Only this USB port can brush. The other USB port on the same side is a low-speed port. Brushing machine is likely to fail.

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7. Upgrade the machine by starting the boot button after normal connection

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8. When the USB_Burnning_Tool starts burning, you can now connect to the power supply.

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9. The whole process of brushing machine is about 5 minutes. Just wait patiently. The software of brushing machine prompts 100% and turns green and the brushing machine is finished. After success, first click the stop button, and then pull out the data line, the whole process of brushing machine is completed.

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