H96-P DLP Android Pocket Projector Review

H96-P DLP Android Pocket Projector Review

Just a few days back, I was looking around for a pocket projector to cast my movies or shows onto the ceiling of my bedroom (because I don’t have a television in the bedroom). I settled on the H96-P ultra-portable DLP projector. The good thing about it is that it runs Android and thus new apps or contents can be easily added. I managed to get it on h96tvbox for less than US$165. At this price point, I think the H96-P could easily be the best value for money portable DLP projector.
H96 factory direct sales android projector
The H96-P arrived in a black box with gold wordings. I almost mistaken it as a mobile phone package.

H96-P Technical Specifications
Projection Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Native resolution 854 x 480
Brightness 100 Lumens
Lamp 3W LED (rated for 20,000 hours)
Projection distance 0.5 to 3.0 meters
Image size 30 to 300 inches
Aspect ratio 16:9
Display Keystone correction, trapezoid screen and smart adjustment
OS Android 6.0.1
SoC Amlogic S905X
Storage 16GB
Wireless Dual-band Wireless 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.0
Ports 2 x USB 2.0, TF card, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio
Miracast Yes
4K decoding Yes
Built-in speaker Yes
Battery capacity 3,500 mAh
Size (L x W x H) 1450 x 785 x 170
Weight 220 grams
Price US$187.99 [available on h96tvbox]

What is DLP?

Digital Light Processing, or DLP, is one of the technologies projectors use to create images. The other technologies are Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS). So which one is the best? Well, each got their own pros and cons. For example, DLP and LCD excels in brightness while LCoS offer deeper blacks and better contrast ratio.
Before you start lamenting about H96-P using DLP, you might be surprised to find that movie theaters typically use DLP projectors as well, albeit better ones.
Unboxing the H96-P DLP Projector
H96 factory direct sales mini projector for android
The H96-P DLP projector, tripod, remote controller, power adapter and user manual.
H96 factory direct sales projector for android mobile
Touch sensitive controls on the H96-P. Just a standard directional control, select (OK), return and options.
The H96-P DLP projector is made of plastic with no noticeable sharp edges. It does not feel flimsy and the overall build is actually quite good.
H96 factory direct sales android phone with projector
The projector lens, focus adjustment, speaker and ventilation holes.

I am surprised to find that the H96-P actually got automatic keystone adjustment that skews the projected output to make the projection rectangular when it is not placed perpendicular to the horizontal centerline of the the screen. Inside the software settings, you can also switch to manual keystone adjustment.

To the right of the lens is the adjustment ring for focusing the projection. I find it a little too smooth for my liking as a slight nudge will cause over-adjustments. Perhaps I am too used to the friction on my tripod or DSLR lens during manual focusing.

To the left of the lens is the speaker and ventilation holes. The speaker is pretty loud for its size. For a better multimedia experience, I recommend getting a pair of Bluetooth speakers to go along with it.
H96 factory direct sales projector mobile phone android
The TF card slot to expand H96-P’s storage capacity.
On the same edge as the adjustment ring, you will find a TF card slot (or micro-SD card slot) to expand the storage of the device. It works well with my 32GB micro-SD card.
H96 factory direct sales best android projector
HDMI, power socket, two USB 2.0 ports and power switch.
On this edge of the H96-P projector, you will find the HDMI input, power input, two USB ports and power switch. Honestly, I was caught off guard by the form-factor of the power input. I had expected it to be micro-USB. The power input is 5V 2.5A so a standard USB to DC 4 x 1.7 mm cable would work.
H96 factory direct sales smartphone projector android
3.5mm audio jack at the back of the H96-P DLP projector.
At the back of the H96-P projector is the 3.5mm audio jack. It makes sense for the audio jack to be at the opposite edge of the lens.
H96 factory direct sales android led projector
Tripod mount, kickstand and ventilation vents.
On the bottom of the H96-P projector, you will find the tripod mount and a small kickstand. I find the included tripod a little flimsy and difficult to adjust. The kickstand is great for meeting rooms or any rooms where you have a table near to a wall. Just flick out the stand, place it on the table and point the projection towards the wall. Viola, the entire setting up takes less than a minute.
Using the H96-P Projector
H96-p factory direct sales android pico projector
The H96-P on the tripod projecting against the wall.

One of the good points of the H96-P DLP projector is that it is based on Android operating system. Though dated (Android 6.0.1), you can still find a bunch of multimedia apps on the Google Play Store. Sign in to your Netflix account and you will be streaming (and projecting) all the latest movies and shows. If you don’t have Netflix account, you can rely on YouTube.
I would recommend using a keyboard (either Bluetooth or wired) when setting up the H96-P as nothing beats a physical keyboard when keying in the wireless network’s password. For normal operations like launching of Netflix and navigating between shows, the touch sensitive controls or remote controller works pretty well. Streaming YouTube contents is smooth over its dual-band wireless. Similarly, miracast-ing to the H96-P DLP projector is straight-forward and smooth.

H96 factory direct sales bluetooth projector for android
The default launcher (or landing page) for the H96-P.
The home screen or landing page is akin to those of TV box for easy navigation and launching of apps. At the top of the screen are the status indicators for wireless connectivity, external storage and power level.
Battery-wise, the H96-P lasted more than an hour (but less than two hours) when I streamed YouTube over wireless with volume set at approximately 75%. The battery life may get better after a few charge cycles.
One point to note is that the fan is noisy. It is similar to the sound of the fan from a laptop under heavy usage.


I am not an expert on pocket projectors but I would say that the H96-P DLP pocket projector is great at its price! A pocket projector from Sony would likely cost 1.5 to 2 times more, albeit for a better projection quality. But hey, this is good enough for projecting business presentations on the move, project Netflix or YouTube videos onto walls and ceilings during family gatherings.

The ability to miracast allows anybody on the network to project their device’s screens which is great for demonstrating mobile app or to show the videos and photos taken during their recent holiday trips.

For the next gathering, I would probably get the kids can to sit around and enjoy their cartoons on the big screen (or wall) in the living room.

I reached out to h96tvbox and they are happy to offer a discount on the H96-P DLP Android Pocket Projector when you use the coupon code “H96-P“. It would bring down the price to US$165.

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