H96 tv box Mira-cast for Android system

H96 tv box Mira-cast for Android system

1.connect WIFI

android on your tv how it works

2.click APPS

android streaming box reviews how it works

3.Click Miracast

android video box how it works

4.Open the phone Settings and click on other wireless connections

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5.Click on the wireless display


6.Mobile phone connection equipment

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7.The same screen

setup box android how it works

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  • roapa

    i bought h96 max with android 9.0 there isnt miracast app. plz send me apk of miracast

  • Israr

    Hi, I have H96 max with 9.0 and it has the software for dlna but it does not work. I tried it from multiple phones samsung, huawei etc but it does not work..

  • Arfath

    Hi, i recently bought an h96 max 4k 4 gb 64 gb. It does not show up in the device list for screen casting. I have tried from a nokia device as well as huawei p30 pro. I have tried with Air pnp. I do not have Miracst in my apps list. Please advise.

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