200-Lumen Wireless Mobile Smart Projector

Watch the game or a movie right from your device.

Smart technology lets you download apps and stream your favorite content directly to the projector (may require subscriptions)

1280 x 720p HD resolution at up to 200 lumens of brightness creates a theater-like experience in dark environments—projects images up to 100 inches diagonally

Texas Instruments® DLP® technology ensures brilliant colors and sharp details

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 1.5 hours at 200 lumens, or 2 hours at 150 lumens in Eco Mode

Connects to your network or smartphone via Wi-Fi

HDMI® compatible port lets you connect and stream content from other devices (includes cable); also includes audio out cable to connect to external subwoofers

Included Bluetooth® remote gives you pinpoint control over your apps (2 AA batteries included)

Auto Keystone Correction automatically adjusts skewed images

Auto-focus with a touch of a button

Built-in speaker and 5GB internal storage

Includes AC adapter and 28-inch HDMI® compatible cable for wired connections

Turn your living room, basement, or backyard into a movie theater! 

Our 200-Lumen Wireless Mobile Smart Projector can turn any room—or even the backyard—into your own personal movie theater. Built with smart technology, this awesome projector lets you download apps for streaming your favorite shows, movies, or even the big game directly to the projector. Of course, you can also connect our Wireless Mobile Smart Projector to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, or use the HDMI® compatible port for connecting and streaming content from other devices. With 1280 x 720p HD resolution, Texas Instruments® DLP® technology, and the ability to project an image up to 100 inches diagonally, our Wireless Mobile Smart Projector is perfect for creating a theater-like experience on demand. To ensure the best image possible, this projector features auto-focus at the touch of a button and automatic Keystone Correction, while the included Bluetooth® remote puts you in total control of the content. 

A brilliant image no matter what you're watching. 

Our Wireless Mobile Smart Projector’s mega-bright lamp projects up to 200 lumens for up to 1.5 hours (or up to 2 hours at 150 lumens in Eco Mode) on a single charge while its built-in speaker pumps out the sound. However, for those with finer audio tastes, the projector is able to connect to external speakers via the projector’s audio out ports. 

Order your 200-Lumen Wireless Mobile Smart Projector from H96 max PROJECTOR today! 

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