how to connect H96 max H2 smart tv box

how to connect H96 max H2 smart tv box

Connection and desktops
When we start the H96 MAX H2 for the first time we have a configuration wizard where we can choose the language, adjust the screen size, connect to the wifi and launcher options although it does not let modify this section.
H96 MAX H2 8.1OS google video ott box

When starting the H96 MAX H2 we find the classic launcher in this type of TV-Box and we have a panel of boxes that we can not customize, in the part lower we have an area where it is possible to include the app that we want to have on the first screen. Interestingly, we can not change the launcher since the three that we have tried when executing makes an error. The Android system is natively rendered at 1080p, something that is appreciated to see the contents of Android well.
how to connect android smart tv box

Boot time: 19 seconds

The list of installed applications by default is short, Chrome browser, ES File Explorer to manage files, MediaCenter which is a system for mounting media, Google Play store, Modbro, Filmon, CloudTV apps and WiFiDisplay for Miracast.
how to connect box smart tv

The system after making several updates by OTA we see that it has Android shortcuts bar and top notification curtain, something useful to use for example with a mouse.

If we check the system settings we see that we can change the language to another without problems, we also have the usual list with all the languages of the Android system by default.

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