H96 max H2 Android tv box User Experience

H96 max H2 Android tv box User Experience

H96 max H2 Android tv box User Experience
As we have been able to check in general lines the performance of the H96 MAX H2 is correct thanks to the Rockchip RK3328 SoC and its 4 GB of RAM, wthis this amount of memory we can load a good number of applications in multitasking without being closed, in the bar shortcuts of Android we have an icon to activate this function. In general a stable and relatively fast system that has not given us many problems running the most common apps, although the internal storage and slows the load of apps a little bit.
H96 MAX H2OS8.1 google tv box

Android Settings

By default installed on the H96 MAX H2 we have the Android 7.1.2 system and as usual in this environment we have a side menu where the settings are displayed while we have the desktop in the background.

If you use the menu “More settings” we also have the classic settings of Android that allow us to further refine our configuration, within this section the different categories of options are distributed in the conventional way.
H96 MAX H2 android google smart tv box

Android System

In the model H96 MAX H2 we have Android 7.1.2 as operating system, an interesting point since we are to the last in compatibility. The kernel is 3.10.104 and the compilation is dated 01-05-2018, with this version of firmware we have done the review.
H96 MAX H2 android 8.1 google set top box

Brand Support

The model H96 MAX H2 like all of this kind of TV-Boxes does not have a known support and the firmware appear without warning through the network thanks to stores or users, for our part we will publish what we see available, don’t expect much support.

H96 MAX H2 OS android8.1 google search box tv box
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