H96 MAX H2 best android 4k tv box Storage and RAM

H96 MAX H2 best android 4k tv box Storage and RAM

H96 MAX H2 wifi tv box Storage and RAM

The H96 MAX H2 includes 32GB of eMMc storage memory, from this storage memory we have actually available 27 GB, a figure enough to install a good number of apps. As a device with AMLogic SoC this has a single partition in the storage memory which facilitates the management of our files.
H96 MAX H2 NEWST ANDROID8.1 4k smart tv box

Storage and RAM - test As we have check we also have 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 1.1 GB that are free after a long navigation through the system, so we can load quite a lot of content in this amount of RAM.

H96 MAX H2 OS 8.1 4k set top box

We check the memory and internal storage testing the hardware that is integrated in this device, we used the SD bench app as usual. The results of the H96 MAX H2 give us very low figures something we can feel on the long installation time for the apps.

H96 MAX H2 8.1OS 4k ott box

Consumption and temperatures

The power consumption performance on the H96 MAX H2 with the RK3328 SoC shows results within the range of other devices, even putting the SoC to the brim with games with 3D graphics only 6,2 W peak are reached in consumption, the temperatures are low in general.

Google Play and Amazon App Store

If we search for apps on the Google play we had no problem finding the most common apps in our tests except we only had some inconvenience with specific apps, we can always download the APK’s we are interested in and install them manually. With the Amazon App Store equal result, no problem noticeable with this new TV-Box.


In the H96 MAX H2 TV-Box we have root access in the firmware so we can have full access to the file system of this device.

Power Off / Standby / Power On

By default in the H96 MAX H2, by pressing the power button on the remote control the TV-Box asks us how we want to turn it off, in the off mode we are left with a minimum consumption of 0.1 W, if we press restart the system will reboot.

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