Mini micro H96 max projector for household use

Smart projector Magical use one: watching movies and housework can be used with one heart

The Miho H96 MAX smart projector is small and portable, with built-in battery, which can be used without power supply and cast a large screen of 30-150 inches. Whether it is in the living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, aisle, study, there is a white wall is a big screen, I can do housework while watching TV.

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Smart projector Magical use 2: girlfriends party big screen sharing atmosphere active

The H96 MAX smart projector can be carried around, ready to use, and it's very popular with the girlfriends. The big screen casts a self-portrait of the girlfriends, the beauty of the baby, the child's fun, the old man's kindness, the street anecdote, the WeChat news, the active atmosphere, and a lot of joy.

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Magical use three: use it to watch movies as you like

It is more convenient to use the Meco H96 MAX mini projector to watch movies in the bedroom. The roof and white wall are large screens, or lying or lying, watching movies as you like. In the past, because the family of three sometimes competed for TV channels, I wanted to buy another TV. With this H96 MAX pico projector, I don’t have to buy a TV. I feel that I don’t have enough money for a TV to buy this H96 MAX pico projector. Cost-effective.

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mini projector Magical four: baby watching the animation will not hurt the eyes

The baby used to watch animation with a tablet computer. Since the H96 MAX mini projector, the baby prefers to use it to watch an animated story. The big screen does not hurt the eye.

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android projector Magical Five: Applicable to women without radiation during pregnancy

Do not shoot sisters jokes, the state permits birth of a second child, I am pregnant again, have a son and want a daughter. Originally afraid of radiation, my husband does not allow me to watch TV and play computer on the Internet. With the non-radiative H96 MAX pico projector, I can safely use the Miho H96 MAX to watch movies and TV.

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Android projector Magical Six: Can be used for mobile power

The U port of the MEGA MAX projector can not only directly read the video, pictures, files, etc. of the U disk, but also charge the phone, which can be used as a mobile power source.

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Magic 7: Wireless wired connection mobile phone

The Migao H96 MAX Android projector can connect the phone to the big screen with wired and wireless connection. It is especially suitable for everyone to share discussion issues at work.

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H96 max projector Magical Seven: Awesome fashion gifts

Recently, it was Mother's Day. I wanted to send my mother a blessing gift. After thinking for a long time, I thought that this Miho H96 MAX micro projector was very suitable. I bought a gift for my mother to make Mother's Day. My mother is very happy.

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