what is Mini Projector

what is Mini Projector?

The so-called mini projector is also known as micro projection, TRT-Lcos portable projector. Mainly through the 3M LCOS RGB three-color projector and 720P chip decoding technology, the traditional huge projector is compact, portable, miniaturized, entertaining and practical, making the projection technology closer to life and entertainment.

Usually there are certain rules for the projector in two aspects:

a). Size: Usually the size is the size of the phone.

b). Battery life: requires at least 1-2 hours or more of battery life without power.

In addition, its general weight does not exceed 0.2Kg, and some even do not require fan cooling or ultra-small silent fan cooling. It can be carried around (can be placed in a pocket) and the screen can be projected to 40-50 inches or more.

On June 2, 2010, the world's first WinCE system micro-projection, RGB three-color projection (TRT-723W) vie for Shanghai World Exhibition.

Field impact

1. Completely replace MP5 player, video, listen to songs, play games, e-books, picture browsing, etc. MP5 video is affected by physical performance, the screen can not be bigger, and this thing screen is at least 20 inches.

2. In place of the TV function, the machine can be built with the CMMB function, or it can be connected directly to the set-top box to put the TV, and the 21-inch TV during the day.

Look, 60-100 inches of TV at night, to achieve home theater effect; easy to move, break through the traditional film and television space, even if you are on the mountain, you can also share today's TV series, movies, MTV with lovers.

3. Business office: instead of a large projector, the company has a meeting function; the price of a large projector is 4000 to 14000, the life of the lamp is more than 1000 hours, it is not convenient to carry, the pico projector, the price is about 3000 yuan, the life of the lamp 30,000 hours, 3 years without the need to change the light bulb, easy to carry, the salesman to demonstrate the new product only need to bring a micro projector, that is, can achieve the demonstration effect.

4. Teaching: training meetings, classroom teaching; traditional projectors are not easy to carry, because the students are naughty in the classroom, the projector is not safe in the classroom, it is easy to be broken by students, and the portability of the pico projector makes up for the teaching vacancy. In the future, the teacher only needs to store the materials in the projector to display the teaching to the students, eliminating the need for textbooks and handwriting with pens and chalk.

The miniature projector home theater effect has already occupied 50% of the home theater market share. From 2009 to 2010, in just one year, the projection to the home theater has defeated the color TV to occupy the peak of the market, especially It has the unique CMMB function and the function of connecting the set-top box to watch TV directly. It can process the built-in storage, download the latest movies and listen to songs on the network. It is already irreplaceable by color TV. The micro projector will occupy the future home theater market.

In addition, micro-injection has no radiation, and it has fully protected the pregnant women and myopic people. Its low-power function is 1/1000000 compared to the power consumption of color TVs. Even if you watch TV for 1 year, you can't use color TV. One day of electricity has completely impacted the safety, environmental protection, health and other indicators, making an amazing contribution to the future social development, standing at the peak of the green world as the leader.

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