How to choose DDR3/DDR4 of android tv box

How to choose DDR3/DDR4 of android tv box

How to choose DDR3/DDR4

The biggest difference between DDR4 and DDR3 is three points: 16bit prefetch mechanism (8bit for DDR3), and the theoretical speed is twice that of DDR3 at the core frequency. More reliable transmission specifications, data reliability is further improved; working voltage drop is 1.2V. More energy efficient.

DDR3/DDR4 is a memory code that represents a generation of processes.

The frequency range of DDR3 is 1333~3200

The frequency range of DDR4 is 2133~4600

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In theory, at the same frequency, the bandwidth is increased by 70%. However, the current DDR4 is not very practical, because the memory throughput performance has exceeded the performance of the computing unit; in short, the memory performance is excessive, the CPU hard disk and so on have bottlenecks. So actually use it. I feel that the difference between DDR4 and 3 is not big. When the performance of CPU hard disk and so on is improved, the advantage of DDR4 will be exerted.

Personally, in the current period of computer hardware, in actual use, it is estimated that there will be about 5% performance difference. What's more, DDR4 needs to be used with a new chipset. It is not recommended to upgrade if the computer can use it or if you want to upgrade the hardware. Under the budget, the newly purchased computer can be given priority. After all, this is the development of computer hardware. trend.
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