OTT tv box VS iptv set-top box

OTT tv box VS iptv set-top box

What is the difference between an OTT tv box and an IPTV set-top box?

The differences are as follows:

1, transmission: IPTV is the IP metropolitan area network, OTT is the Internet WiFi.

2. Content: IPTV is mainly the content of licensees. Because IPTV is a private network, the quality and stability of watching programs are more secure than OTT. In addition to the licensee content + video content (with copyright) + other, OTT is more open and free than IPTV because OTT is on the public network.

3. Screen:

IPTV is still only for TV screens; OTT has more Pad and Phone screens (so-called multi-screen interaction)

Extended data

OTT TV is an abbreviation of "Over The Top TV", which refers to an open Internet-based video service. The terminal can be a television, a computer, a set top box, a PAD, a smart phone, and the like. It means providing services on the network, emphasizing the independence of services from the physical network. Video programs transmitted over the Internet.

From the consumer's point of view, OTT TV is an Internet TV that meets the needs of consumers and integrates full-featured Internet TV with interactive TV functions.

Internationally, OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications for television transmission over the public Internet. The receiving terminal is an Internet TV integrated machine or a set top box + a television set.

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