H96 max plus 4K tv box Testing

H96 max plus 4K tv box Testing:

The latest APIs implemented to Android 8.0 operating system provided a better overall experience that what we were expecting.
Audio playback was very good for stereo files (mp3/FLAC). Both from streaming services like Spotify and from locally stored ones.

Video playback was also stellar with 4K playback being totally possible via USB. It would be (probably) via Ethernet as well if we had a Gigabit adapter instead of a Mbit one. High bit-rate 1080p BLU-RAY files had better playback through wired LAN and even scenes with peak bit-rate showed no buffering issues (we only tested a few demanding ones. If you experience buffering lags, try again via the USB port). Auto frame rate switching is not supported so you will have to constantly change the selection in order to avoid double frames and occasional juddering. A 60Hz settings can provide a good solution since the pull down conversion works in an acceptable manner. 4K VP9 format is not supported, so don’t expect You-Tube to support 4K resolutions. The pre-installed You-Tube app sports an annoying bug were the video stops when you try to select a different resolution. 

Images appear sharp but if you experience a darker image, you should use patterns in order to “calibrate” it to normal levels.

KODI add-on streaming is handled very nice, but with no Audio pass-through, since from the pre-installed fork of KODI (Leia) we only got stereo sound. At least downmixing was possible from HD Audio codecs as well and we got (stereo) sound from all codecs.

Video streaming services are limited to SD resolutions (Netflix/Amazon) due to lack of proper licensing.

For the same reason, Google-Cast is also not supported.

Via Wi-Fi you can only expect streaming of 720p material since the implementation of wireless module does not support .ac protocol and its signal is not the most powerful one either.

Benchmarking results are typical for the mid-range category and are similar to Amlogic’s S905X SoC. Internal ROM perfomance could be better.

Gaming performance is sufficient only for casual 2D and light 3D titles. Avoid heavy textured ones since most likely you will be disappointed by the low frame rates. The lack of BT connectivity limits the available gamepad options a lot. You will have to use a compatible wired one or one with a USB dongle.

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