H96 Max M12 VS H96 Max RK3576 TV Box

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The H96 Max M12 TV box and the H96 Max RK3576 TV BOX are both advanced smart TV devices designed to deliver

high-quality entertainment experiences. Here’s a comparison of their key features:


M12 TV Box:


S928x tv box


– Operating System: Android 11

– WiFi Support: WiFi 6

– Resolution: 8K HDR

– Processor: S928X

– Video Encoding: AV1


RK3576 TV BOX:


H96 Max RK3576


– Operating System: Android 14.0

-Processor: RK3576

– NPU Capability: 6TOPS

– Video Resolution: 8K AI UHD

– Additional Features: AI HDR


The H96 Max RK3576 TV BOX operates on the latest Android 14.0, which offers a more recent and potentially more feature-

rich user experience compared to the Android 11 on the M12 model.  The RK3576 TV BOX is equipped with the RK3576 processor and a 6TOPS NPU,

which suggests it may have enhanced AI capabilities and processing power for smoother performance and advanced AI features.


Both TV boxes support 8K resolution, but the RK3576 TV BOX is specifically designed for 8K AI UHD,

which implies it may have additional AI enhancements for image processing and upscaling, making it ideal for high-resolution content.


In summary, while both TV boxes are equipped with advanced features, the H96 Max RK3576 TV BOX appears to offer the latest Android version,

a more powerful processor, and enhanced AI capabilities, making it a more advanced choice for users seeking the latest technology and AI-driven features.


Shenzhen Haochuangyi Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a professional high-tech enterprise with independent R&D, production lines, marketing,

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We have a team of professional engineers and designers working at our H96 factory, ensuring timely and expert service.

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