New H96 Max RK3576 Android 14.0 TV Box

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As a leading manufacturer of TV boxes, we boast renowned brands such as H96 MAX and Hako.

In 2024, we are proud to introduce our latest smart AI TV box featuring the RK3576 chipset as following:


rk3576 android tv box


2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control

Our Android 14.0 TV Box comes with a 2.4G Bluetooth remote control, ensuring stable connection and quick response,

providing a more convenient operating experience.


2.4G remote tv box


AI Intelligence

Our AI Smart TV Box is leading the future of smart entertainment, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Its most notable feature, found in our 8K Android TV Box, lies in its AI intelligence-powered super-resolution processing capability.

Through AI algorithms, the Android 14.0 TV Box can intelligently upgrade 720P standard definition and 1080P high definition content

to ultra-high-definition 4K quality. This technology excels in enhancing image clarity and detail.


AI Intelligence tv box



Our RK3576 TV box adopts cutting-edge super-resolution technology, capable of upscaling standard 720P and high-definition 1080P content to

4K ultra-clear quality. In our laboratory tests, our super-resolution technology can upscale 1080p HD video to 4K resolution,

improving image clarity by 400% and detail recovery by 200%. Regardless of the resolution of the content you’re watching,

whether on our AI Smart TV Box or 8K Android TV Box, you can enjoy a more refined and clear picture,

immersing yourself in the details of the imagery.


Super-Resolution tv box


8K Support


Our Android 14.0 TV Box is equipped with support for 8K resolution, capable of smoothly playing 8K videos at 60 frames per second and

processing 8K resolution images and video content in real-time. In laboratory tests, our RK3756 TV box achieves a color restoration rate of up to

97% and a dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 when playing 8K content, providing users with a cinema-level visual experience.


8K tv box


Android 14.0 System


Our AI Smart TV Box is powered by the latest version of the Android 14.0 operating system, supporting over 800,000 applications and

featuring more intelligent voice recognition capabilities. According to data statistics, our Android 14.0 TV Box’s system response speed has

increased by 40% compared to older versions, and application download speed has increased by 60%,

allowing users to enjoy a variety of multimedia entertainment content more quickly.


android 14 tv box


RK3576 Chipset


Our 8K Android TV Box features the powerful RK3576 chipset, with 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores, running at a high frequency of up to 2.5GHz.

In our performance tests, the RK3576 chipset in our AI Smart TV Box demonstrates excellent performance in multitasking and

high-definition video playback, with processing power four times that of older versions, providing users with a smoother

and more stable experience.




6T Computing Power


Our RK3756 TV box boasts a powerful 6T computing power, capable of reaching a computing capacity of 60 trillion calculations per second

when handling complex computing tasks, a 250% increase compared to older versions. Users can enjoy more efficient and

faster processing speeds when running artificial intelligence algorithms,

image processing, and multimedia content rendering.


6T Computing Power TV BOX


WiFi 6 Technology


Our 8K Android TV Box adopts the latest WiFi 6 technology, achieving a 30% increase in transmission speed compared to

older versions in WiFi 6 network environments, while also supporting more devices to connect simultaneously,

ensuring stable network connections for users during movie-watching, gaming, and other entertainment processes.




AV1 Decoding


Our AI Smart TV Box supports AV1 decoding technology, delivering more efficient video decoding and playback experiences,

saving users bandwidth and reducing data consumption while maintaining high definition.




Rich Interfaces


Our RK3756 TV box features rich interfaces, including HDMI 2.1, USB 3.0, and 1000M Ethernet ports, providing more connection and

expansion options to meet diverse user needs.


RK3576 smart tv box

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