We build IPTV/OTT services and help existing operators

Infomir builds projects using its in-house middleware, powerful MAG set-top boxes, multiscreen client applications, and partner solutions for content transcoding, streaming, protection, and delivery. We’ll deliver your turnkey solution in two days.

All that operators need to get their services up and running is content and our solution. It includes architecture design, service launch, technical support, and training for your staff.

Launching your IPTV/OTT business

Infomir supports projects in the run-up to and after launch. The solution comes with the Ministra TV platform, MAG IPTV set-top boxes, multiscreen applications, technical support, and marketing services.

You’ll get a ready-made solution designed for content broadcasting. Your service can run on a cloud or in-house servers.

We help startups and existing projects

With our white label IPTV solution, Internet service providers and operators deploy new services, expand existing ones, integrate new client devices, and increase ARPU.

Content owners, companies, and communities develop their IPTV/OTT projects and no longer depend on third-party services.

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For IPTV operators

We will incorporate VoD, EPG, and TimeShift into your service and help you migrate to the new middleware and expand the service.
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For Internet service providers

We will build an advanced IPTV/OTT project based on the existing infrastructure.
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For cable operators

We will launch a multiscreen OTT project, help abandon cable broadcasting, and offer viewers the best user experience.
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For content producers

We will build an infrastructure to deliver your movies, TV series, lectures, webinars, and other original content without mediators.

Why choose Infomir’s solutions

Wherever you are, Infomir launches and assists IPTV/OTT services worldwide.

MAG set-top boxes from Europe

Our devices play 4K HDR video at 60 fps. They meet all current requirements and can be easily integrated into any modern project.

Ministra for all platforms

Viewers will watch your content on Roku and Apple TV media players, smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android™, TVs powered by Samsung Smart TV, Tizen TV, or LG webOS, and Android TV™ or regular Android devices. Ministra is available on official application stores.

Customization options: software, packaging, cases, and remote controls

By getting their software, MAG set-top box cases, packaging, and remote controls customized, operators retain their audiences, stand out from competitors, and strengthen their brands.

Marketing support from Infomir

Infomir’s team delivers pro-level integrated marketing services. We know how to bring an operator business online from scratch and increase the profits of an existing IPTV/OTT project.

Building profitable IPTV/OTT services

Infomir will help you create a successful video service with detailed stats, easy-to-use billing, and reliable content protection.

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TV channels and VoD

Your service will support linear television and video on demand

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Offer your viewers a user-friendly cross-platform player

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Advanced functionality

You will quickly implement EPG, TV archive, nPVR, load balancing, and parental controls

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Profitable service

Connect billing through our API and start selling subscriptions

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Track content popularity and interests of your audience

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Content protection

Upon request, we will implement DRM and CAS solutions

Four-step project launch

Infomir supports projects both in the run-up to and after launch. Our solutions include middleware, MAG set-top boxes, multi-screen apps, customization, and reliable technical support.

Designing architecture

We use a ready-made configuration, or we design a service architecture from scratch according to the customer’s needs. We select client devices and solutions for transcoding, streaming, storage, and content protection and provide an API to integrate third-party billing. Your project will be easy to scale in the future.

Customizing software and set-top boxes

Upon request, we customize software, cases, remote controls, and packaging of set-top boxes as well as manufacture and deliver finished devices. Branding enables operators to retain their audience, stand out among the competition, and strengthen their brand.

Deploying solutions

We integrate project elements and test and launch the project. We train your employees to control the system, add content, create subscription plans, and manage billing and subscriber profiles.

Supporting service operation

After the launch, we troubleshoot any problems, monitor the service status, update the software, and remotely set up your system. The troubleshooting of the most critical issues takes no longer than 8 hours.

Select your set-top box

You can select Linux and Android TV™ MAG set-top boxes for your project. These are high-performance 4K capable devices supporting HEVC, advanced surround Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital+ sound.


Flagship Android TV set-top box



Flagship Android TV set-top box

  • Android TV
  • 4K and HEVC support
  • 4x ARM Cortex-A53
  • Voice-controlled remote
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Gaming and gamepad support
  • Qubic design

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Technical support terms

Infomir provides technical support in English with different levels of the SLA. For the basic tariff plan, we answer users’ questions for free — Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (UTC+2).

For paid technical support plans, we troubleshoot any issues 24/7, monitor the service status, update the software, and remotely set up its system via SSH. For the premium plan, the troubleshooting of critical issues takes no longer than 4 hours.

Pricing and plans

The prices include a project launch, consulting, and training for your team. The price of partner solutions and client devices is calculated separately. Optional customization, integration, and premium technical support are available.

Easy Start

A unique option for educational and cultural projects

Standard plan

Create modern projects with a TV archive

Premium plan

Launch a multi-screen service with your transcoding and DRM-enabled servers.

Smartphone and tablet support (iOS and Android™)
TimeShift and TV archive
Smart TV and Samsung Tizen TV,
LG webOS, Roku, Android TV, and Apple TV
media players support
Guides and manuals
Marketing audit
MAG set-top boxes
Customization Set-top box + remote control + packaging Set-top box + remote control + packaging + loading screen
One-time installation fee € 200 € 1 200 available upon request
Annual tech support fee*** € 2 000 € 2 400 available upon request
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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Will I receive content together with the solution?
Infomir provides only infrastructure and technical support. Infomir does not distribute, broadcast, or otherwise provide television or video content.
Which set-top boxes are available for my project?
You can pick Linux and Android TV MAG set-top boxes for your project. These are high-performance 4K-capable devices supporting HEVC, six- and eight-channel Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital+ sound.
What track record does Infomir have in launching IPTV/OTT projects?
Infomir has been developing IPTV/OTT solutions since 2005. Over 4,500 projects in 151 countries operate using our set-top boxes and software.
Do you integrate middleware, DRM, and CAS?
Yes, we integrate MAG set-top boxes with third-party middleware, DRM, and CAS upon request. Please contact our sales department for more information about integrations and designing a reliable IPTV network.
What devices does Ministra support?
Ministra is compatible with Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV media players. The platform is available for smart TVs powered by Samsung Smart TV, Tizen TV, and LG webOS. Android and iOS mobile devices are supported as well.
Who should I contact with technical questions?
Infomir’s managers can answer any questions you might have, including technical ones. Please send your questions using our feedback form.

Operator success stories

Infomir builds video services for Internet providers, religious communities, content studios, and universities globally. We assist everyone who wants to stream content.
*Infomir does not distribute, broadcast, or otherwise provide television or video content.
**Android and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.
***Prices are for a one-year contract for paid technical support.
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