Complete customization with our high-tech OEM/ODM services

We offer complete white-label solutions with an advanced approach to customizing the packaging, remote, TV box, and all-inclusive products. This ensures a robust and actionable presence in the market among the competitors. Our clients get complete outsourcing support to ensure smooth service delivery to the end users.

H96Max customization from device to software

A product made for your brand logo!

We offer complete customization, including putting the client brand logo on the products. From software to hardware, we offer complete customization. We make the advanced TV boxes for your brand.

Our expert team ensures the utmost detailed customization process. From vectorization of the logo to packaging management, we take everything for our clients.

Your unique packaging design!

In this competitive market, unique packaging design ensures that your customer notices your brand. Therefore, we offer unique packaging designs for better brand recognition. In addition, your current value proposition is embedded in the packaging to ensure that your customer base directly connects with you.

A software made for your brand!

From adding your logo to the software to building a loading animation and managing the settings, we ensure complete software reset to align it with your brand’s value proposition. This ensures that your end users get a complete personalized experienced provided by your brand to gain maximum customer retention.

Benefits of our customization

Every business faces a tsunami of competitors providing the same niche product. Therefore, making your brand visible with your product becomes very crucial. We offer a solution that helps you deliver a high-quality product to the users while ensuring a complete brand awareness factor in every product.
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Brand awareness

With hardware and software customization, we offer a resource-optimized approach to increase your brand recognition.

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Customer interaction

With every product, the customized approach ensures that the customers interact with your brand directly, resulting in better customer relationships.

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Content promotion

We offer content promotion support where operators get to pre-install their client apps which will are shown on the top for better content promotion.

Why choose us?

Shenzhen Haochuangyi Technology has an innovative approach to building an outsourcing supply for its customers. We don’t just manufacture the products. Instead, we build brand value for our clients by offering high-quality products with complete branding support. This ensures that they get an inclusive service approach and 360-degree support.

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Quality products

Our products are designed with an innovative approach, and the manufacturing is done with high-quality components, ensuring long-term quality assurance.

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Fast delivery network

We have a vast network in Europe, America, and Asia, ensuring easy delivery with fast downtime.

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Technical support

We have a dedicated team of experts to offer technical support to our clients at every step of the process to provide a complete after-sales experience.

How do we customize our products?

The process begins with understanding the needs of the client. We discuss the industry requirements, business operations, demand proportion, and supply availability to ensure a completely transparent approach to the service. This helps us better understand the client’s requirements to offer a more personalized service outcome.

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Getting the client’s request

We get a complete detailed client request to ensure that we understand their expectations. In addition, our team gets an outlook of their vision for product customization, including their logo and design.

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Layout approval

Our team develops a layout with complete visualization of the logo, design, software, framework, etc. This is subject to negotiation, and we take complete approval from our clients.

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Manufacturing and delivery

At last, we manufacture the product as per the client’s requirement. In production, we will install the software, implement the design, etc. Then, followed by it, the delivery execution occurs at the time of pre-set delivery timeframe.

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